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Pass Through Charging

What is Pass-through Charging

One of our repeated clients said he likes to customize a power bank with the pass-through charging function. And our new-coming colleague felt puzzled.  So I decided to write an article about this topic today. What Does Mean Pass-through Charging? Pass-through charging is a technology that a power bank can

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Lithium Ion Vs Lithium Polymer

Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer – Which Is Better?

There are 2 battery types on the power bank market – lithium-ion and lithium polymer. Someone said lithium polymer one is much better because lithium-ion one will explore. Is it true? Let’s talk about it today. Working It is 4 components inside of a lithium-ion battery as below. 1). positive

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Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology

The Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology Explained

After Apple published the first iPhone in 2007, the mobile phone industry has ushered in an era of significant changes. The physical buttons on the portable phone panel have become fewer and fewer, now they have been removed. By 2020, the screen and the function of mobile phones are getting

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