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Morui Power Bank Manufacturing Process

Power Bank Manufacturing Process: How We Make It Done?

Ready to know about the making process of power banks? Awesome!  This post contains our regular manufacturing process for power banks, including the standard quality control steps.  Let’s jump right in. IQC (Incoming Quality Control) The process begins with our IQC department. After receiving the components, our IQC members will

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Tws Earphones

What Are TWS Headphones?

While traditional wired earbuds cost like a sandwich and Apple’s AirPods cost 160 damned dollars, the market is crazy about the new amazing things. Today I’m going to share with you all the things about TWS, including the advantages and disadvantages. What is TWS? TWS is short for True Wireless

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cost of power bank

What Is The Cost Of A Power Bank?

Although a power bank is only made of a shell, battery cell, and circuit board, the manufacturing cost can differ. This is also the most fundamental factor that determines the quality and price of the power bank. Battery Cell Cost There are 2 types of batteries for power banks. One

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Power Bank Blinking But Not Charging

How to Fix the Issue: Power Bank Blinking But Not Charging

We got an email to inquire about the power bank blinking issue. Let us talk about this topic today. LED Indicator Lights and Functions Generally, most power banks have 4 indicator lights to show the battery charging state like below.  0%-25%: 1st indicator blinking 25%-50%: 2nd indicator blinking 50%-75%: 3rd

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Is Power Bank Harmful To Phone

Is Power Bank Harmful to Phone?

According to LG’s survey in 2016, nearly 9 of 10 people have “Low Battery Anxiety“. So power banks are a lifesaver for daily life on the go.   However, some people said power banks are bad for the phone or kill the phone battery. Is it true? Is Using A Power

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